About Novare Science & Math


Novare Science & Math was started in 2009 because of the need for rigorous, mastery-based science curriculum for Christian upper schools. Now our textbooks and resources are used in over 200 schools and thousands of homeschoolers in the United States and around the world.

Novare Science & Math began when John Mays was a teacher and science department chairman at Regents School of Austin, Texas. Not satisfied with the textbook offerings of existing publishers, he wrote the textbook that he dreamed of for his freshman science class. That class was called “Accelerated Studies in Physics and Chemistry.” The students and the parents were amazed. They said it was fabulous, pleasurable to read, excellent at explaining concepts, and beautiful in form.

Almost immediately a colleague asked if he would write a text for her class. John discovered that not only did he enjoy writing science texts, but that he was good at it. It drew upon all of his strengths and experience: his science and engineering background, his love for literature, and his giftedness as a teacher.

Accelerated Studies in Physics and Chemistry
John D. Mays, Founder Emily Cook, Sales Representative Jeffrey Mays, Director of Marketing
Joined in 2012 by his brother Jeffrey, and later by his daughter Emily, Novare today is a family business that has quickly become a fresh new option combining the historic Christian faith with a rigorous approach to middle and high school science education.