Our Purpose

To effect a radical transformation in science and math education by promoting a teaching philosophy based on the core principles of Mastery, Integration, and Kingdom Perspective.

Our Core Beliefs

All our work should bring honor to the Lord Jesus Christ through its consistency with the guiding principles of his Kingdom articulated throughout Scripture.
Our work must grow out of our love for others and our desire that they flourish in Christ.
The purpose of true education is to develop wisdom and virtue in a person by fostering a love for truth, goodness and beauty.
Effective instruction leads and enables students to learn, master and retain that which they have been taught.
We should always encourage ourselves and others to think in terms of living and acting as a holistic community, in which we are each willing to consider others as better than ourselves and worthy of our sacrifice.
Science provides us with an excellent forum in which to love our neighbor, and in which to learn what loving our neighbor means.