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Parent Testimonials

The creators of this great curriculum have thought of everything.
Jalynn Patterson

This is not your father’s uninspiring encyclopedia of knowledge. It is wisdom which engages a new generation in conversational, bite-sized prose. At last, a science book which invites, informs, inspires.

Mary SueRegents School of Austin parent

I switched from another homeschool curriculum to try Novare Physical Science with my middle school student. She read and comprehended the material well and successfully completed the course independently. The curriculum is very well designed, challenging, and based on sound pedagogical principles. The student is expected to learn vocabulary for each chapter, and provide answers in complete sentences to Learning Objectives stated at the beginning of each chapter. This “roadmap”, if you will, puts the responsibility on the student to master the material.

One of the best things about this course is the continual review quizzes and exams that ensure the student is actually mastering the concepts rather than just memorizing facts for the test and promptly forgetting them a week later. I have recommended this course to others who have adopted it for their classical homeschool programs. My son is getting ready now to study this course. I can highly recommend Novare to others looking for a content-rich, classically-based, Christian worldview science curriculum.

LisaHome Educator in Colorado

Thank you, for this answer book, the textbook and your love of God and the world he created.  We are a homeschool family with a 10 year old and 12 year old and are slowly working through the Physical Science textbook. I am relearning much of what I did not learn well in high school, and my children are enjoying the process as well. I appreciate several aspects of your philosophy, including the mastery approach and your contagious love of our Creator and the opportunity that we have to deepen our understanding of His creation as we continually seek truth as revealed in the nature God created.

Lorissa JacksonKaty TX

The strength of the text book throughout is the conversational and first person narrative…essential equations are not left to stand on their own – derivations are explained and relationships are well detailed. I think it is immensely helpful to show how seemingly unrelated principles (gravitational forces and electrical forces) share some common mathematical principles. The text takes time to show how all the pieces of fit together rather than dumping them all onto the dining room table and letting the student sort it all out. I really appreciate the overall format. Too often (or at least my memory seems to recall) scientific texts emphasize compartmentalization of the topics which, to my way of thinking keeps all the concepts separate and unfamiliar. The text you have written maintains a forward momentum without losing touch with the concepts that have just been presented.

JeffRegents School of Austin parent