At Novare Science, we prefer physical books over e-books. A tangible book engages the mind of a learner more deeply and it doesn’t lend itself to easy distraction by the internet so close by.

However, we understand that there are times when an e-books is suitable for a particular situation and therefore we publish e-books versions of our textbooks.

Our e-books are hosted by EdTech Software at ShelfIt.com. 

EdTech Reader works with PC, Mac, Android, and iPhone platforms. Chromebook users access books through the web interface.

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30 Days

5-Years (licenses can be reissued to new students each year)

Teacher Benefits
Add Notes
Add Quizes
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Customizable by the class or per-student basis
"Read-Aloud" Functionality
Adjust Font Size
Highlighting and Note-taking
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What's Included
Same Content as Textbooks
Graphs, Charts, Excercises

Solutions Manuals

Softcover Supplements

Experiment Manuals

These are only available as hard copies

Written Resources


Audio Resources

We hope that some of these items may be of use to you. We also welcome suggestions for other resources that would help support the use of our books and teaching methods.

Video Resources