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All Things Vile and Vicious, part 3: sin or sacrament?

Jeffrey Mays Biology, Theology, Worldview

Part 3. Reconciling violence among the animal kingdom with the goodness of God’s Creation. It’s not because of sin. Is Predatory Animal Behavior Due to Sin? This is the third and final installment of All things Vile and Vicious. We begin with the summary questions, What do we make of fecundity, predation, and parasitism? How do we reconcile it with …

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Does Genesis 1 Demand Belief in a Young Earth?

Novare Earth Science, Theology, Worldview

In discussing the Three Big Issues We Worry About in our previous newsletter, I mentioned that I had invited my brother Jeffrey to prepare an essay addressing the age of the earth issue, particularly from the point of view of what the opening passage of Genesis requires of us. Jeffrey is the guy here at Novare who answers the phone …